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The Future of Piano Mastery

Open your eyes to the ease and simplicity of the piano. See results immediately with innovative lessons using the widely accessible and straightforward Synthesia Visuals. 

Open your eyes to the ease and simplicity of piano. Remove all of the barriers to getting real results. No more jargon, sheet music, or limiting beliefs. Traditionally you have to learn a new language before you ever touch the piano. See results immediately. Learn using the widely accessible and straightforward Synthesia Visuals. Say goodbye to sheet music and say hello to lessons that work for you on your own time from anywhere!

Practice Makes "Prodigies"

You don’t need talent. You need practice. Smart practice and strategies to save time and energy to excel beyond all expectations.

The Fyodor Method

Our method focuses on passing smart piano strategy onto the average person. No matter where you stand on the natural talent scale, our method multiplies your potential.

Learn from Anywhere!

Drop sheet music and start excelling today from your own home

Frequently asked questions

Synthesia visuals originally come from the Synthesia Game. The idea of the game is a Guitar Hero but for piano. It has become a very poplar practice to upload piano songs to YouTube using these visuals. With proper understanding of piano strategies, learning using these visuals will boost your progression speed and potential. Almost any song you can think of can be found in this format with a quick YouTube search. If not, you can easily create one. We show you how in every course.

No. These lessons are prerecorded. This not only allows for savings on your end getting as little as $7 per lesson with a top notch instructor as opposed to $50 per lesson with the average instructor, and also allowing you to learn anytime from anywhere at your own pace.

If you do not understand a lesson, contact us and we will schedule a time to have a virtual lesson with you, totally free. There are also places throughout the course to offer feedback, which we will use to optimize all of the lessons.

It’s not a matter of being better overall. It’s a matter of being the best option for an ambitious person who wants to progress rapidly on the piano. This is the only guided learning experience we know of that offers this without a mountain of unnecessary information dressed up as important. 

 I personally have a P125 Yamaha with a 3 pedal unit. But any 88 key weighted keyboard with a 3 pedal unit will be fine.

Yes. I play the viola and I use sheet music. When I play piano, I use Synthesia and have no problems switching between the two. I can almost sight read Synthesia, but I cannot say the same for sheet music. Synthesia is the future of piano learning. We’re just head of the curve.

Yes. We have multiple lesson packages put together for beginners. Ambitious beginners and those who just want to dip their toe in the water to try it out. We also have a course for beginners dedicated to learning Animenz’s Unravel.

Yes. I knew sheet music proficiently when I began learning the piano. I took a class in college where I learned how to translate sheet music into piano playing.

You don’t need anything special. Just all of your fingers, eyes, and ears. If you have those, you have all the talent you need!

Straightforward Piano is an innovative online piano learning platform.