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The Fyodor Method

How we get you
"jaw dropping" results

Once you have learned our incredibly effective breakdown of mastering how to find what keys to play, you then follow 4 steps with very small chunks of the song you’re learning. How do you eat a whale? One bite at a time!

Right Hand

You place your fingers on top of the next few keys that are going to be played. You want to move your hand around as little as possible to help you memorize the chunk easier. You practice the small section of the right hand until you have memorize the hand position and sequence of keys played
step 1

Left Hand

You essentially do the same thing in step 2 that you did in step one, only with the left hand. You play it over and over. You do not move onto the next step until you are very familiar with both hands individually. When they come easy to play alone, you move on to the next step.
Step 2

Both Hands

This part must be attempted at a slow pace as a beginner. Focus not on th entire section you decided to break down. Do a lot of repetition as slowly as you can. Eventually you will be able to play both hands at a slow tempo. This is the tipping point.
Step 3

Obsessive Repetition

Now you spend about 30 minutes to an hour repeating this small section that you have learned. This will download it into your muscle memory and you will be able to recall the location and sequence of this section easily. Now you repeat this process for another section. It's not sexy or glamorous, but the results sure will be!
Step 4
"You're not going to get it right the first time. But give it enough times and you will.”
Kaleb Weeter
About Synthesia Visuals

Synthesia Visuals represent a revolutionary learning tool enabling you to accurately and intuitively visualize music.

This exciting new technology enables you to progress quicker while sheet music may have been holding you back. By improving your visualization, you can see things that are not apparent when only reading from sheet music. Now you can finally make all the correct choices necessary to reach your highest level of playing, much fasrer!

Why are we here?

In Piano, What's Our Mission?


Teaching More Accessibly For You

Sheet music has always been a huge barrier to learning piano. We aim to remove it!


Pushing past Your Prior Limiting Beliefs

Instructors baby you. They tell you to start slow. Here we push and advance you faster!


Facilitating Unlimited Learning access

We want you to have around the clock learning on your own time and schedule

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If you are interested in a brief chat about how we can meet your learning needs, please feel free to use the chatbox–located at the bottom-right of every page of our site–to reach out to one of our Instructional Professionals at any time. Here, at Straightforward Piano, customer service is our number one priority. Consequently, you can expect a response from us within minutes!

If you have any questions, they will probably be listed down below. If you have a question left unanswered to be sure to write it down for our meeting. Or type it in the chat box.

Identify Your Specific Learning Needs

As a piano learner, building trust with your instructor arguably constitutes the most important factor in successfully applying lessons toward new skills. Here, at Straightforward Piano, our priority is for you to cultivate the confidence to continue progressing.

Become Familiar With One Another

No two persons are same. As such, this is why we offer free virtual lessons with your course for individualized guidance--Let's chat about your learning needs!

Tailoring Pedagogy Individually For You

Maybe your learning goals are at slight variance with our course offerings--for example, Straightforward Piano does not emphasize music theory. Notwithstanding, we have experience in developing individualized learning programs to meet your needs.

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Feel free to schedule a virtual meeting with us to talk about your piano playing needs. The first step is selecting a time and date. Once selected, you will be able to inter your information in. You will be sent a confirmation shortly after your appointment has been view by our team.

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Synthesia visuals originate from the Synthesia Game. In laymen’s terms, the notion of Synthesia visual is analogous to Guitar Hero but for piano. Uploading videos in this format has become a very popular practice to upload piano songs to YouTube using these visuals. With a proper understanding of piano strategies, learning using these visuals will boost your progression speed and potential. Almost any song you can think of can be found in this format with a quick YouTube search. If not, you can easily create one. We show you how in every course.

No. The lessons you receive with your course are prerecorded. However, each course comes with free, live virtual lessons until you complete your course. 

If you do not understand a lesson, contact us via the chat-box at the bottom right and we will schedule a time to have a virtual lesson with you, totally free. There are also places throughout the course to offer feedback, which we will use to optimize all of the lessons.

Any 88 key weighted keyboard with a 3 pedal unit will be fine.  If you’re looking for a starter piano, you do not need a 3 pedal unit. Most keyboards come with a single pedal. It’s the most commonly used pedal. However, it is still strongly recommended for you to have a full 88 key weighted keyboard. I personally have a P125 Yamaha with a 3 pedal unit. The Williams Allegro III was my first piano. I learned a lot of Unravel on this Keyboard.

Yes. We have multiple lesson packages put together for total beginners. Ambitious beginners and those who just want to dip their toe in the water to try it out. We also have a course for beginners dedicated to learning Animenz’s Unravel like I did personally.

It’s not a matter of being better overall. It’s a matter of being the best option for an ambitious person who wants to progress rapidly on the piano. This is the only guided learning experience we know of that offers this without a mountain of unnecessary information dressed up as important. 

Yes. You will see faster progress. You will not get to say you are a piano connoisseur, but you will have the results of one. Just without the fancy terminology. If the end result and an easier path is what you’re looking for in learning the piano, this method is it.

It’s not a matter of being better overall. It’s a matter of being the best option for an ambitious person who wants to progress rapidly on the piano. This is the only guided learning experience we know of that offers this without a mountain of unnecessary information dressed up as important. 

Yes. The new perspective on piano learning will actually boost how fast you are able to learn even more than if you had no sheet music knowledge at all. This is the case even if you’re only familiar with sheet music for different instruments. You will see faster progress with our strategies in general, which could also be applied to sheet music in many ways. You will become a more well-rounded pianist.

We try to offer help around the clock. Message me via the chatbox on the bottom right and I, the instructor, will message you directly.