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Life is One Grand, Sweet, Song, so Start the Music.

For those who are ambitious, driven, and motivated, we have got something for you! You are taught how to break down a full 88 key keyboard without learning any notes. We call it the black key method. You get the mindset and strategies needed to break down the songs that traditionally, only a talented player could learn, bypassing frustrating barriers that would otherwise hurt your learning speed. We don’t create prodigies. But you will look like one.

About Synthesia Visuals

Synthesia Visuals are a revolutionary learning tool that allows you to accurately and intuitively visualize music.

This exciting new technology enables you to progress quicker while sheet music may have been holding you back. By improving your visualization, you can see things that are not apparent when only reading from sheet music. Now you can finally make all the correct choices necessary to reach your highest level of playing!

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Perfect for the Ambitious Beginner

No Sheet Music

Absolutely no sheet music. Our method will advance you faster.

Synthesia Visuals

Learn any song visually. Perfect for those who like visuals and hands-on practice.

Manageable Pace

Go at your own pace. We make learning complicated concepts easy and stress-free.

Optimized Learning

We won't teach you full songs. We don't waste your time. We've optimized piano learning.

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Jam-packed with Valuable Information

We put together years of valuable information in bite-sized, easy to learn, yet challenging segments for your learning pleasure


Learn To Play Piano Easily Using An Amazingly Simple Training Method

For Beginners

Regardless of background and learning style, we know you can learn piano with our proven method.


Our revolutionary method allows us to find the most important information in every song and distill it into short, simple, easily-grasped learning points that won’t confuse you.


Become independent sooner so you can learn the songs you really want to. No more long and tedious beginner songs. We introduce the most time saving way to excel!

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Our students are absolutely loving our courses.
Marcos De La Mora
Marcos De La Mora
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"I have always wanted to learn how to play piano and I am so glad I met Kaleb. I saw results almost immediately upon starting the course. The best part about it is that I was able to work on the course on my own time from my home and it is so easily accessible! I highly recommend! "
Abigail Simons
Abigail Simons
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“This learning experience gave me immediate improvements. I struggled with finding the correct hand positions and had absolutely no confidence in taking on complex songs. This course sorted everything out for me. What blew my mind the most was how he could make seemingly impossible songs look ridiculously easy. Now I spend my time playing my favorite songs, regardless of how daunting they used to be.”

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